I'm trying to find a personal lexicon/dictionary/language study/flash card program - preferably one that makes allowances (ie has a place to enter) all of the forms of a word (noun declensions, verb tenses etc).

The closest thing I've been able to find is Personal Lexicon which lets you add these forms, but never asks you about them.

iVocabulary 3 which is based on ProVoc also looked very promising but not quite there.

I'm certain I've seen software that does this (and by certain I mean I might have imagined it), does anyone know of a program or have any suggestions?

Just to recap, I am hoping to find language learning / lexicon software that:

  1. Lets you create your own entries.
  2. It allows for the great number of forms Latin has for it's conjugations and declensions etc.
  3. I can use software on the following platforms (in order of preference) - MacOS, iPadOS, Windows, Java/Web apps etc.

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