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I'm a student in his second year of Latin study, but my class has been slow in reading our texts and I've been bored from the beginning. I want to ask my teacher to give me more homework, particularly for extra credit. Please help with my translation; change it, improve it, or submit something different that gets the point across. Bonus points if your addition comes from an attested source.

Nicolas cordo sal.

Solum(or Unum?) desiderium quem habeo. Valeo legere litteras missas ad legendum, at plus desidero. Mittas mihi plus ut numerus punctorum alat. Opportetne factu?


This is intended to mean the following (roughly translated): There is one desire that I have. I am able to read the literature given for reading BUT I want more. Please give me more so that I get more points. Could we do that?

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    Choose Unum, and then leave out quem, which is wrong AND is unnecessary, because Latin is more concise. After that I suggest you change nothing, even if it is not yet Cicero.
    – Hugh
    Nov 5, 2019 at 13:10

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I'm only at an intermediate level of Latin, but I thought I'd make an attempt to express your request. Maybe there's something here you can use—or an error here that someone will catch.

Here's a more prosaic version:

Lectiones praescriptas legere potui ultraque cupio. Dabisne mihi plures lectiones itaque plura puncta meream?

And here's a more histrionic version:

Lubenti animo omnes lectiones praescriptas adhuc voravi tamenque non satiatur appetentia mea. Opus est mihi plure materiae ad legendum, lectiones enim egeo, immo deficiente lectionibus cotidie fame pereo. O magister, oro te, oro te, ala me, ala me! (Praesumo te ad notas meas lectiones super eas pro cursu postulatas additurum esse.)

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