What would be the meaning for "my girl", "my man", "my boy", "my woman" in Latin?

If I use filia tua, it means you daughter, but could be used as puella tua to mean the same, or is there other implied meaning when using this kind of structures in Latin?

For instance, French language use "ma femme" litt. "my woman" to say "my wife", but "mon garçon" is not always a son, but can be an expression to express either affection or paternalism.

In English, using "my girl" means my girlfriend (I think).

And, in French, you would have a different meaning if you use "la fille" (a girl) or "ma fille" (my daughter).

So, what are the possible meanings and use of such phrases?

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Another quite possible meaning of puer meus or puella mea would be "my servant (or slave)". I don't recall ever seeing mulier mea used for "my wife"; for that uxor would be a lot more common.

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