With "Ab Gallia venio. or "De Gallia venio". (Or other sentences of the same kind)

Could it mean both, I come from this place, or I am originated from this place (like a nationality, or the origin of my family)?

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In Classical Latin:

  • ā Galliā veniō means "I'm coming away/going away from Gaul" or "From Gaul I'm coming to.."
  • dē Galliā veniō means "I'm arriving from Gaul" or "After/From Gaul I'm coming to.."
  • you can also express this more naturally with dē/ā Gallīs veniō

The use of venīre in the sense you're after doesn't seem to be listed in OLD. Instead you can use:

  • ortū sum Gallus
  • ortus sum ā/ē Gallīs
  • oriundus sum (ā/ē) Gallīs (acc. to Smith&Hall expressing a more remote origin, e.g. of the family's descent)
  • in Galliā nātus sum
  • ā/dē Gallīs, dē Galliā orīginem dūcō/trahō/habeō

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