On Q "We Are Triumphant While Our enemy Sleeps" the comment was made: "Remember the Schlieffen Plan? Brilliant; inspired gamble; but, it could have only have worked if the belligerent nations had conveniently co-operated--they didn't."

A possible translation could be:

"consilium imperatoris mortui reminisceris? ingeniosum; ludo incenso deis belli, si hostes-patriae adiuvissent, id confecisset."

(How to say "inspired gamble"?!?)

Is this correct?

Continuing on the same theme: with war having been declared and the (ambitious) Schlieffen Plan about to be implemented, German Chancellor, Bethmann-Holweg, advised Europe: "We must hack our way through!"

A (succinct) translation could be:

"secabimus!" = "We will hack our way through!"

This, of course, is not quite the same thing. It lacks obligation "must". Therefore, invoking instruction from Q: Nunc est bibendum: gerund or gerundive? = "Now one must drink", to give:

"nunc est secandum!" = "Now one must hack-a-way-through!"

I'm not sure about this, is it open to improvement?

An alternative: "perrumpemus" (from perrumpo) = "We will break/ force our way through!"; "We will overcome!"

"nunc est perrumpendum!" = "Now one must break through!"

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