[ Adverb   adhūc : ]   Etymology     ad "to" + hūc "here"

  1. so far, thus far, hitherto, still
  2. [2.1] again; [2.2] furthermore; [2.3] moreover; [2.4] besides (used in scholastic debates to introduce an additional point in one's argument)
  3. [3.1] even as, [3.2] while still

Please pardon my laziness; I have not linked the English adverbs above.

How did Compounding of ad "to" + hūc "here" generate the meanings in 1?

My conjecture: I can imagine a Roman physically pointing to a specific interval or object or moment (which would be 'here' in his/her perspective), to describe everything that had occurred up to that point ('to here' in his/her perspective).

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