Pokorny Etymon: ghedh- 'to ask, beg, wish for'

Semantic Field(s): to Ask, Request, to Will, Wish


Latin:   -festus   [suffix]   hit   W7

What semantic notions underlie 'hit' to the Semantic Fields above?


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This etymology is based on the assumption that infestus “hostile” comes from Indo-European *n-gwhedh-to- “implacable”. There are serious semantic and phonetic problems with this theory (which are spelt out in de Vaan’s Latin etymological dictionary, s.v. “infestus”). I would recommend that you take the Texas site with a very large grain of salt. It is particularly annoying that it mixes up loan words (like English “infest”) with cognates. Anyway, festus is not a "suffix", but a stem.

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