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Top new questions this week:

How do we get around the fact that 'extera' appears rarely as masculine

In the OLD it says that 'exter' is rare as a nom sing masc adjective but in the LASLA database it does not appear at all as a masc positive adjective in any case. As a superlative the masculine '...

asked by bobsmith76 Score of 8
answered by Vegawatcher Score of 7

In the "Pater Noster" prayer why is 'panem nostrum' sometimes "quotidianum" and other times "cotidianum"?

In the "Pater Noster" prayer, why is "panem nostrum cotidianum" sometimes written as "panem nostrum quotidianum"?

asked by Maria Score of 7
answered by Figulus Score of 10

"Neuter alteri plenam copiam pecuniae tum dabit"

This is the fourth exercitationes from chapter nine of Wheelock's 7th edition latin textbook. Im translating some sentences as practice for a final exam. I translated the sentence as "Neither of ...

latin-to-english-translation wheelocks-latin  
asked by Hydrolox3552 Score of 6
answered by cmw Score of 6

What Happened to Whitaker's Words?

Don't worry it still exists. My problem is that I like speaking Latin, and Whitaker's Words has been my go-to for English to Latin translation. In the last couple of months, they have removed their ...

english-to-latin-translation contemporary-latin resource-request spoken-language website  
asked by Nickimite Score of 5

Gender of Street Names and Village Locations

I can find references on the gender of countries and cities, but nothing on street names or small locations (say within a village). Transcribing Manorial Records of the late 17th century, I have a ...

new-latin place-names  
asked by user3588542 Score of 4
answered by Asteroides Score of 4

What is the translation of actions speak louder than words in Latin?

I would like to translate the phrase "actions speak louder than words" into Latin. actiones seneca was the translation that Google translate provided. Is that accurate? Thank you!

asked by Noa Score of 4
answered by Sebastian Koppehel Score of 7

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to say Mister (Mrs, Miss, etc.) in Latin

I will mark this question as contemporary-latin because there are obviously not any precise classical equivalents of the titles implied by such English honorifics as Mr (Mister or Master), Mrs (Misses)...

asked by brianpck Score of 7
answered by Nathaniel is protesting Score of 7

When to use accusative and nominative?

I am having some difficulty figuring out the Latin translation for the following sentences: My favourite animal is a dog. Will dog (canis) be considered as nominative or accusative (canem)? I want a ...

accusative nominativus  
asked by jake dobson Score of 4
answered by Draconis Score of 2

Is Cola "probably the best-known" Latin word in the world? If not, which might it be?

I found this in an ecological park: Cola is actually a Latin word (a scientific one, referring to the plant), albeit its etymology is African. I am curious about whether it is "probably" the best-...

vocabulary word-comparison  
asked by luchonacho Score of 16
answered by Draconis Score of 36

What does memento mori actually mean?

I'm wondering what memento mori actually means. From Wikipedia, I see the meaning is "you must die" but that makes it sound like a threat. Legend said that one of the war prisoner use the word for ...

meaning definitions  
asked by geomars Score of 11
answered by Pavel V. Score of 19

How do we know how the Romans pronounced Latin?

A quick Google Search says plenty of things about Roman Latin pronunciation, and since it's an edu domain I'm inclined to believe it. However, the closest to citing a source it gets is saying "we know ...

classical-latin pronunciation  
asked by Nic Score of 35
answered by Nathaniel is protesting Score of 32

Don't let the bastards grind you down

The intertubes are awash with grammatically incorrect "translations" of the phrase "don't let the bastards grind you down" (please pardon my French :-) Can someone please provide a correct and ...

asked by Mawg says reinstate Monica Score of 8
answered by Tom Cotton Score of 6

Translation needed for 130 years old church document

I found this record of my great grandfather in a local church in Malaysia. Today, nobody use Latin anymore in this country. I should be much grateful if someone can help my family translating this ...

asked by Lawrence L Score of 13
answered by luchonacho Score of 15
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