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Top new questions this week:

Gen 1:28 only animals that move or all living things?

The book of Genesis, 1:28 reads: Crescite et multiplicamini et replete terram et subicite eam et dominamini piscibus maris et volatilibus caeli et universis animantibus, quae moventur super terram ...

vocabulary vulgata hebrew bible  
asked by Rafael 4 votes

Is the word nihilanus/nihilumanus properly constructed? (From "nihil/nihilum" meaning "nothing" and the suffix "-anus" to denote origin)

I've been reading that the word silvanus comes from Latin silva (“forest”) +‎ -ānus (“from, of the”). So, "silvanus" literally means something like "who comes from the forest" or something similar. I ...

adiectivum substantivum suffixes grammarians origin  
asked by G. Cuticchia 2 votes
answered by Draconis 2 votes

How do I know if there's an "invisible yod"?

I've been told that the first syllable of abiciō is long by position, because it's actually an underlying *abjiciō, which causes it to be syllabified as *ab-ji-ci-ō before the *ji simplifies to i. So ...

vowel-quantity phonology metre catullus syllable-weight  
asked by Draconis 2 votes
answered by Asteroides 5 votes

Declination of "potentia" with preposition "in"

In philosophy, e.g. in Spinoza, there is the Latin word "potentia" that is often translated as a power, or capacity, to act (potentia agendi) and to suffer actions. I am wondering what is the right ...

declinatio praepositio  
asked by LaTechneuse 1 vote
answered by Sebastian Koppehel 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do *Mundi* and *Mundum* mean different things?

I came across this expression in the book: The Invisible Man, (H.G. Wells) Griffin contra mundum...with a vengeance From my very basic knowledge of Latin (I'm a Bio. student) I take it that ...

grammar-choice word-comparison declinatio  
asked by paracetamol 15 votes
answered by C. M. Weimer 26 votes

Translation into Latin: "for the love of music"

I am looking for a name for my newly-formed classical music studio, and I thought a Latin translation or equivalent of "for the love of music" may sound elegant. Would someone be willing to translate ...

motto english-to-latin-translation  
asked by klaviermeisje 4 votes
answered by Joonas Ilmavirta 6 votes

What does "Dominus providebit" mean?

Does "Dominus providebit" mean "The Lord will provide" or "The Lord provides"? I once had a bit of an argument with a guy who studied Latin over that. It's an inscription that appears on the rim of ...

meaning latin-to-english-translation grammar-identification  
asked by Donald K. 5 votes
answered by Joonas Ilmavirta 6 votes

How do I say "Brexit" in Latin?

Londinium, Britannia, 284 AD. The military commander Carausius is leading a movement to take Britannia out of the Imperium Romanum. He thinks there is a conspiracy between locals and foreigners to ...

asked by luchonacho 23 votes
answered by Joonas Ilmavirta 24 votes

A variation on Caesar

We just moved into a new house, and my cat was very quick to make herself comfortable. I described her approach as "I came, I saw, I took possession" and of course that got me to wondering what that ...

translation-check trans  
asked by Jim Garrison 7 votes
answered by Ben Kovitz 11 votes

Does Vires acquirit eundo translate to "He gathers..." or "We gather..."?

Does Vires acquirit eundo actually translate to "we gather strength as we go", or, "he gathers strength as he goes", or "he gathers strength along the way"? This is part of a possible tattoo design so ...

vocabulary sentence-translation motto  
asked by Stoic1221 3 votes
answered by Joonas Ilmavirta 4 votes

Why does "ut" mean such different things when it has a subjunctive verb vs. an indicative one?

We all know that ut, when paired with a subjunctive, is translated as "in order to" (purpose), "to" (indirect command), and, with some words, "that" (result/fear). However, ut with an indicative ...

classical-latin meaning conjunction ut  
asked by Fund Monica's Lawsuit 12 votes
answered by Joel Derfner 7 votes
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